Why choose CS Time?

See what distinguishes CS Time from other time and attendance software.

Already using TNA?

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Easily view and manage employee hours from the desktop or web. Add, change or delete clockings and hours where required.

Charge rates allows you to view the projected monetary value for the employee hours worked.

Customizable shifts

Shift options include auto-deductible breaks, rounding, grace, holiday and leave hours, night shifts, automatic shift detections and rolling shifts.

Shift can be customized even further using macro scripting giving you almost unlimited configurations.

Includes over 100 reports

Draw reports on exceptions like late arrivals, absenteeism, early departures and more.

Reports are customizable with CS Time´s built-in report writer.

Export to payroll

Interfaces to all recognized payroll packages. CS Time includes payroll extracts for ADP, AIM, Accsys, HR3, Quickbooks, Sage, VIP, Wage Easy and many more.

... and so much more!

Additional features include:

  • Access Control
  • Job Costing
  • Human Resources
  • Real time attendance monitor

Looking for a solution?

CS Time automates the collection and calculation of employee payroll hours, saving you time and money.

It can collect employee clocking times from multiple types of timeclocks, it can import clockings from a text file, or your employees can clock via a software program (PC Clock) or via the CS Time web interface.

The web interface not only allows for the management of your employee time and attendance at remote locations - leave can be requested by employees and approved by supervisors fast and efficiently.

CS Time can be used in any size business and many different industries. If you are looking to replace your manual system or your current system does not cater to all your needs, please contact one of our dealers to create your customized solution.

What's new?

CS Time was created in the 1990´s as TNA 2000. It has gone through six versions (TNA 2000 versions 1, 2 and 3, TNA 4, TNA5 and TNA 6), each version adding to it´s list of features.

With CS Time you no longer have to pay for any future releases as it will be included in an annual licensing fee. The new features also includes automatic updates from the internet.